Protect you Eyes from the Computer Screen By Following these Tips

A lot of people are exposed to working with the computer every day, whether it’s in the workplace or doing other stuff. The body’s constant exposure, including the eyes, can bring several adverse effects on the health of the individual. According to the American Optometric Association, the frequent usage of the computer can lead to a health condition called computer vision syndrome. Also known as digital eye strain, this particular condition is a result of the frequent computer screen staring or the prolonged usage of computers by a person.

When someone is having blurry vision, dry eyes, and eye strain, he is probably developing computer vision syndrome. Other symptoms that may occur include headaches and unusual neck and body pain. However, all of these symptoms can be avoided by doing simple things that can help in alleviating the negative effect of constant computer exposure. The lists below are the different ways to prevent computer vision syndrome while also protecting the eyes.

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Always Keep a Safe Distance from the Computer Screen
What is the ideal distance from the user to the computer? According to experts, it should be a length of the arm from the computer screen. This range means that the computer user must be able to do a high-five to the computer screen to check the field. The right measurement should be 20 to 24 inches away from your eyes.

Display Settings Must be Adjusted
Adjusting the display settings of the computer screen can also help in reducing digital eye strain. First, you need to change the brightness of your computer screen in such a way that it complements the surroundings of your workstation. Then, you also need to adjust the contrast and the size of the text to increase comfortability, especially when reading or making documents. A black colored text paired with a white background is the ideal combination of colors.

The Right Positioning of your Computer Screen can also Help
Poor positioning or stance can also contribute to computer vision syndrome. Adjusting the chair and workstation to the proper height is needed, so the feet or legs are positioned comfortably to the flooring. Furthermore, the computer user should position himself at a 20-degree angle to the computer screen. Doing this position will help your eyes in keeping it healthy and moisturized all the time.

Use Proper Lighting in the Workstation
The quality of the lighting of your workstation can also affect the health of your eyes. When there are a lot of bright lights coming from different sources, it can cause eye strain to the computer user. The ideal lighting of your workstation should only be half of the brightness found in regular offices. You can also reduce the lighting by using a few light bulbs or installing low-intensity lightings.

Try to Reduce the Glare Coming from the Computer Screen
The glare coming from the computer screen can also affect the eyes of the computer user. These are the reflection of the surrounding lights on the computer screen that gives a negative effect on the eyes. The computer user must regularly clean the computer screen to minimize the reflection and the glare while also using low-wattage lightings. Moreover, you can even position yourself in a sitting arrangement where the window should not be behind you to minimize glare.

Blink your eyes Frequently
It is a fact that a person tends to blink lesser when he is staring at the computer screen. While this is not good, blinking the eyes more often when using the computer can help in preventing digital eye strain. Constant blinking of the eyes can also help in moistening the eyes, thus preventing irritation and dryness. You can blink your eyes every 5 seconds, or you can have a break periodically while staring away from the computer while blinking your eyes.

Always Take Regular Breaks
Taking regular breaks from using your computer is highly recommended. Health experts advised that a 15-minute break is ideal from every 2-hour computer usage. The break means that you take your eyes away from the computer screen and allowing them to close and rest naturally. You can also exercise your other body parts such as the arms, legs, and the back through stretching and other forms of exercise.

Consider Wearing Computer Glasses
You can have the option to wear computer glasses as it can benefit your eyes and prevent digital eye strain. Computer glasses also can reduce computer glare. Consider consulting an eye doctor to create or modify computer glasses for you. They can suggest or recommend the right lenses that can help in protecting the eyes from the effect of computer radiation.

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Protecting your eyes is essential, especially if you are frequently using the computer. The adverse effects of having to stare at the computer screen monitors continually can be negated by following the suggestions that we have presented in this article. We have made this article to help every computer owner to protect their eyes from the digital eye strain.

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